Author: Dina Magdovitz

Brush Your Dog’s Teeth at Home

It may seem like a huge hassle, but you can brush your dog’s teeth in the comfort of your own home without a searing migraine. Here are some tips on what you need and how to do it. What you need: 1)    Toothpastes and Rinses Use toothpaste that has been made for pets. If you use toothpaste designed for people the active ingredients in it can severely upset your dog’s stomach. Look for toothpastes, rinses or tooth gels that have the active ingredients Chlorhexidine, Hexametaphosphate, or zinc Gluconate. These might sound scary, but they are all approved ingredients for...

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Doggy Diary #3

Dear Diary, Sometimes my humans can be so thick! I put my toys in the places that I want them to be, I get them all positioned how I like them, and then they come in, gather them all up and put them in a basket. I mean come on! How many times do we have to do this song and dance? I put my toys where I want them, they pick them all up, I want until they leave the house and then I pull them all out again. You’d think they would have gotten it by now...

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Breed of the Week: Beagle

The breed of the week, 10/28, is the Beagle. Origins: The English used these quick-witted pups for hunting small game as early as the 1500s.  Hunters would bring packs of dogs with them so they could have a trusty tracker for any game they might pursue. Larger hounds helped take down larger animals such as deer, while smaller hounds were kept around so they could chase down the smaller creatures that liked to run through small areas and hide in hard to reach spots. Beagles were the result of cross breeding many different hounds to get the right size,...

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Breed of the Week – 10/21: Whippet

Origins: Before the American Kennel Club gave them breed recognition in 1888 and the English Kennel Club in 1891, Whippets had long been used as racing dogs, and were often referred to as “the poor man’s racehorse.” Whippets first appeared in America in Massachusetts when English mill operators brought them over from England. Massachusetts was the Mecca of Whippet racing for many years before the sporting event moved to various other New England states. Breed Information: A cross between a standard Greyhound and an Italian Greyhound, Whippets get their name from the phrase “Whip it” meaning “quick or rapid...

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Doggy Diary: Entry 2

Dear Doggy Diary, TODAY WAS THE GREATEST DAY EVER! Not only did I get to sleep IN THE BED last night, but my humans also let me partake of some of their breakfast with them this morning. They still won’t let me have my own chair at the table with them, but I get to sit on the floor between them. Small steps I say. I just need to keep looking super cute and I know they’ll let me have one of the empty chairs one day. After breakfast we went to the big park and played fetch! Fetch...

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