Janel Young, Nava PetsInstead of letting frustration get the better of her, business owner, and founder of Nava Pets, Janel Young decided to take a problem she was facing and turn it into a lasting solution. Her white miniature Poodle, Maxie, was suffering from horrible skin allergies. It seemed that the grooming products Young was using on Maxie were too harsh for her delicate skin. To get to the root of the issue she began to research the ingredients that are found in many shampoos and topical treatments for pets. The chemicals in a vast majority of products available on the market were just too much for Maxie to handle. Young also began to notice that her own exposure to these chemicals was aggravating health problems she was facing at the time. For both of their sakes and their health she vowed to create a solution.

Young set about trying to create her own grooming and treatment products at home for Maxie. She made sure to use the most natural ingredients and created the most gentle of formulas. Maxie’s skin and Young’s headache were alas on the mend. From this, an even better opportunity presented itself. Young felt there had to be numerous others out there with problems similar to hers. She wanted to bring her solution to them, and created her company, Nava Pets, which was officially incorporated at the start of this year.

Currently, Young offers her clients a line of all-natural and organic dry shampoos that gently clean your pet’s skin and fur without the harsh chemical smell or the need for any water. You can apply these products directly onto your pet’s fur with just your hand, and they come in 5 fresh scents (Minty Lemonade; Carob Mocha; Cinnamon Latte; Lavender Herb ; and Catnip Herb).

As her business grows Young continues to bring fresh and innovative ideas into her creative process and overall product production. Young’s charisma, work ethic and creativity are part of what made her this year’s winner of the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) Business Plan Competition. When I first had the chance to speak with her she was one of three finalists in the emerging business category. At an awards luncheon on Thursday, September 26th she heard her name announced as this year’s winner.

Even before her victory Young was so humble about and thankful for her opportunity in the NAWBO competition. She had said that whether she won or not the experience was one of a lifetime. She got to meet so many amazing women with so many innovative and creative businesses, and the process helped her gain even more insights into conducting her own company.

Now that she has won she will enjoy quite a grand prize in terms of her business. The cash prize alone will aid her in fulfilling some staffing needs as well as purchasing more efficient equipment to cut down on production time and costs so she can continue to create new lines of product for her customers. For the next year Young will also receive aid from an advisory team made up entirely of experienced entrepreneurs and community leaders who will serve as mentors and confidants for her as her business grows. She will also have access to professional marketing, legal, financial, and accounting services as well as a one year membership with NAWBO.

The resources that will be offered to her over the next year are indispensable and so important in terms of helping Young move forward. Young is excited for all the experiences she will be opened up to over the next year as the emerging business competition winner, and she looks forward to being a part of NAWBO events and promotional opportunities.

At the end of the day she has Maxie to thank, and even though Maxie is no longer with us her legacy is what spurred Young on to bring her innovative solutions to the rest of us. We often care for our pets as though they are part of our family and Young believes there is something we can all learn from the love of an animal. They are unconditional and absolute. Young seeks to create a service for us all that emulates the loving kindness of our pets.

“When I create a product it’s an expression of love to others,” says Young.

Her passion for animals and for the success of her business is evident. We would like to extend a huge “Congratulations” from Orlando Canine Connections to Janel Young for her big win. We are eager and excited to see how she and her business grow over the next year.

Or more information about Nava Pets visit http://www.navapets.com/ or call 407-982-7256. When you call it might just be Janel herself who answers the phone.