Summer is officially here in Florida and the weather is really heating up so I’ve compiled a list of times to help keep you dog(s) cool.


The WATERBONE is a water sprinkler specifically designed for your dog.  Just attach the blue end of the WATERBONE to any common garden hose and turn on the water.  It is made of non-toxic, durable, recycled plastic.  (Actual size: 9.5 x 3.5 inches.  You can order this through the Sukia Pet Toys website at

Frozen Dog Treats

Three 6 ounce Containers of Plain, Low-Fat Yogurt
1/2 Cup of Peanut Butter (all natural w/out salt & sugar would be best)
1 Four Ounce Jar of Banana Baby Food
1 Tablespoon of Honey (organic, local honey if you’re so inclined)

In a medium bowl, combine all ingredients. Blend well.
Pour mixture into small cups (like Dixie Cups).
Place dog bone in mixture (to serve as the handle).
Once frozen, peel away paper cup and serve!




Protect your dog from heat stroke or heat exhaustion.

Dogs cannot cool themselves efficiently, they need your help.

The KoolCollar is designed with this in mind. Dogs do not know how to regulate their own heat and will overexert themselves in warm weather. Make sure this doesn’t happen to your dog.  You can order the KoolCollar at

Huge Ice Cube

Fill a bucket with water or chicken stock, toys, treats, carrots, etc and freeze! This will keep your pups busy for hours outside!

Swamp Cooler from Ruffwear

Help your dog beat the heat with this innovative cooling vest.

Just soak it in cold water, wring it out, and fasten around your dog. Evaporative cooling (like an actual swamp cooler) exchanges the dog’s heat with the coolness of the stored water in the coat to keep him comfortable and ready to run that extra mile.  Auto-lock buckles on each side of the jacket provide easy on/off.  You can order this online at Ruffwear.


Hydro Dog Toys

Combine fetchable fun with thirst-quenching refreshment when you offer a Hydro Dog Toy, the ultimate chew toy for hot days. These durable, molded-rubber dog toys have a foam core, which absorbs and holds water. Simply soak them in water for a few minutes; as your dog chomps them, they release the refreshing water through specially-designed holes. For even greater cooling relief, freeze them after soaking! The perfect way to quench your dog’s thirst and offer satisfying fetch play on warm summer days. You can order these these Doctors Foster and Smith website.


Frozen Dog Treats

You can make these Easy Frozen Doggie Bites in a snap! If your looking for simple ingredients and easy preparation, then this is the recipe for you!

I mix this up and fill up Kongs for my dogs.


1 Tblsp. Honey
3 Tblsp. Peanut Butter, Natural No Added Sugar
1 Ripe Banana, mashed or pureed’ in a food processor
16 ounces of Plain Yogurt


Mix the peanut butter, honey, and banana together until well blended.

Now, add the mixture to the yogurt and blend well.

Pour or scoop the mixture into Kongs and freeze.

Chicken Broth Ice Cubes

Add a little chicken both to water and make ice cubes for your pooch.