Author: Lindsay Blalock

5 Fun Exercises To Do with Your Dog

January is usually the month where people vow to be more active. Even though the month is already half way through, it’s never too late to start or change up your routine a bit. A great way to make fitness fun is by getting a workout buddy.  They say that working out with a partner will not only help you work out harder, it will help you stick with it longer.  And honestly, there is no better companion than your dog. 1. Walk/Jog:  Kick your walks up a notch with bursts of jogging.  Interval training has actually been touted...

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New Year’s Resolutions For Your Dog

    By now at least half of us have broken one or two of our New Year’s Resolutions; and that’s okay, there’s about 359 days left in the year to get back on track.  Yet, there are some resolutions for you that may be easier to keep- one’s made for your  or with your dog.  How easy would it be to keep your declarations for a better year for someone you love, instead of yourself.  We are all too good at putting the needs of loved ones above ourselves, so keeping a promise to make your dog’s year happier...

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Lost Pet Tips

It’s always good to be prepared for the worst of situations.  Once your realize your beloved pet is missing, the last thing you’ll want to do is waste time with a sick heart when you could be proactively trying to get your lost pet home. In case your pet gets lost during the holiday shuffle or scared into hiding from the fireworks on New Year’s Eve, here are some lost pet tips to get help your pet home as quickly as possible.   Search Immediately:  As soon as you know your pet is missing grab a picture of them and...

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What to Get Your Dog for Christmas

Before you know it Christmas Eve will be here.  And I’m sure the list of gifts you have to get is long, but there is one person you can’t overlook…don’t forget to buy a special gift for your dog!  Your constant companion and furry little friend definitely deserves to have a special gift under the tree just for them.  Here are some terrific ideas to get your dog for Christmas. Self-warming dog bed:  I must say I wouldn’t mind having one of these for myself.  On cold winter nights, this would be the perfect way to curl up and...

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Top 10 Gifts For The Dog Lover In Your Life

It can be hard to find the right gift for that certain someone, but if you have a dog lover in your life there are a lot of options.  Here are some great ideas for you to start with! Dog Blueprint: I really like this one, it’s basically just like it sounds, a blueprint of their dog.  It has all the unique features of the breed along with some historical facts them.  It’s all laid out on an architectural blueprint that they can hang on their wall. Custom Christmas Ornament: This one isn’t too expensive and it’s super thoughtful. ...

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