Author: Dina Magdovitz

Janel Young Owner of Nava Pets

Instead of letting frustration get the better of her, business owner, and founder of Nava Pets, Janel Young decided to take a problem she was facing and turn it into a lasting solution. Her white miniature Poodle, Maxie, was suffering from horrible skin allergies. It seemed that the grooming products Young was using on Maxie were too harsh for her delicate skin. To get to the root of the issue she began to research the ingredients that are found in many shampoos and topical treatments for pets. The chemicals in a vast majority of products available on the market...

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Tips and Tricks for Properly Training your Puppy

For many of us, our puppies are like our children and we want to provide them with the best things, like I do with my new German Sheppard after reading the barkbox reviews. We also want to teach and train them well. The early months can be rough as puppies teethe, throw temper tantrums, whine about the littlest things (like being unable to get up on the couch), and test our limits to see what they can get away with. A big part of bringing up your puppy is training them to become good, respectful dogs. One of the...

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