By now at least half of us have broken one or two of our New Year’s Resolutions; and that’s okay, there’s about 359 days left in the year to get back on track.  Yet, there are some resolutions for you that may be easier to keep- one’s made for your  or with your dog.  How easy would it be to keep your declarations for a better year for someone you love, instead of yourself.  We are all too good at putting the needs of loved ones above ourselves, so keeping a promise to make your dog’s year happier and healthier would be an easy way feel accomplished in 12 months. We’ve thought up some easy and attainable resolutions for you and your dog to try this year.

  • Get Moving: This one probably will go hand in hand with one of your resolutions and as a team, hopefully you can keep it going all year long.  Start walking around the neighborhood, play catch, roller blade, or biking are all great wasy to incorporate exercise in your daily lives.  Find a pet friend 5k walk/run, preferably one that’s in a few months, then you’ll have a reason to whip each other in shape for a good cause.
  • Health & Wellness Goals: Keep up the good health goals and make an appointment for your dog’s check-up; including a dental check and starting a dental cleaning routine if you don’t already have one.  Also, take time to organize their files, shot records, etc.  Slowly start altering their diet to include healthier and better quality foods. Changing them too fast will only backfire, buy a healthy food and mix it in with their old food.  Then slowly gradually increase the healthy while decreasing the fatty food.  Soon they’ll be eating healthy and still just as happy.  Finally, make a grooming appointment and set a few follow up appointments to keep them looking good on the outside as well.
  • Commands and Training: Get their listening ears in gear with some basic command coaching.  Everyone loves a dog with good manners, even people who don’t love dogs.  Start with the basic sit, stand, shake and then progress to harder training techniques.  Once they’ve got the basics down, sign up for a training class.  They can show off the commands you’ve been practicing with them in a social setting.  Plus, it will help you learn new tricks and tips to keep their training fun.
  • Make More Quality Time: Take a vacation where your pet can tag-a-long too, the beach or camping are great ideas where they can enjoy the fresh air and family.  Take them on doggy play dates, a local Bark in the Park or pet friendly fundraising events.  Check with your local Humane Society for volunteer activities where your dog is welcome. If all of these are too much for your schedule, simply striving for a just little more play time each day will go along way in strengthening your bond.

No matter what New Year’s Resolutions you choose this year, including your dog is a definitely a win-win.  They say making goals with a companion increases your ability to reach and even surpass what you set out to do.  Making each day better with your best friend at your side is a great way to start the year.