It can be hard to find the right gift for that certain someone, but if you have a dog lover in your life there are a lot of options.  Here are some great ideas for you to start with!

  1. Dog Blueprint: I really like this one, it’s basically just like it sounds, a blueprint of their dog.  It has all the unique features of the breed along with some historical facts them.  It’s all laid out on an architectural blueprint that they can hang on their wall.
  1. Custom Christmas Ornament: This one isn’t too expensive and it’s super thoughtful.  There are tons of different ornaments you can get for a dog lover; a picture in a wreath, their name written on a dog bone, or just a silhouette of the breed. Any of these are a wonderful and thoughtful idea.
  1. Tagg Tracker: A little bit high dollar, it’s still really cool.  This GPS collar tracks their exercise and monitors their movements.  A neat tech item that their owner is sure to love.
  1. Custom Dog Portrait: No dog lover in the land would re-gift this one.  You can upload a picture online and have a custom portrait shipped right to your house.  Easy-peasy and a great gift to boot!
  1. Chuckit Launcher: What a great invention this is!  A long ball launcher, perfect to blast balls across the lawn without the drool or the hurt shoulder.
  1. Collapsible Pet Bowl: A classic, but never a bad idea, the collapsible pet bowl is perfect for the pet parent on the go.  Easy to store in the car, this is a great go to for hiking or trips to the park.
  1. Illuminated Dog Leash: Now that it gets dark earlier, you are no doubt walking your pets after the sunsets. An illuminated dog leash is ideal for night walks and great for a fun time in the dark.
  1. BarkBox Subscription: Fun for the whole year!  This nifty subscription will bring boxes of toys and chews to your loved one’s door for 12 months.  It’s really the gift that keeps giving.
  1. Dyson Grooming: It may not be exactly like the the FlowBee for dogs, but close…this groovy little grooming tool will help keep their dog’s coat silky smooth without leaving the house a mess of fur balls.
  1. Eyenimal Pet Videocam: Calling all YouTube subscribers, this one is for you!   What better way to get awesome pet videos than through the eyes of your pet. Clip this little camera to the collar and you can see everything from the’s perspective.  It’s sure to bring laughs, but it is good for safety purposes as well.

With all these great ideas you will surely find a great gift for the dog lover in your life!  When someone has a love or passion that always makes easier to pick out a gift, when you’re buying for a person and their dog that makes it even more fun! Merry Christmas everyone!!!