The GoDaddy Superbowl ad fails on so many levels.  First of all, letting dogs ride unsecured in the back of a pickup truck is a huge red flag.  It is clear that this is a puppy farm because a reputable breeder will have met the family not sold dogs online with a crappy GoDaddy website (yes, their websites are crap).

Being in marketing and advertising I have a very difficult time imaging why in the world GoDaddy would approve this Superbowl ad and actually think it is funny.  For those of us who are involved in rescue, there is nothing funny about a backyard breeder selling puppies.

I find this ad offensive and in poor taste, and will now have to move my 100+ URLs from GoDaddy to another registrar.  In today’s dollars that is over $1,200 a year they are losing.  Well, GoDaddy certainly is getting attention, just not sure it is the right kind.