Doggy DiaryDear Doggy Diary,

TODAY WAS THE GREATEST DAY EVER! Not only did I get to sleep IN THE BED last night, but my humans also let me partake of some of their breakfast with them this morning. They still won’t let me have my own chair at the table with them, but I get to sit on the floor between them. Small steps I say. I just need to keep looking super cute and I know they’ll let me have one of the empty chairs one day.

After breakfast we went to the big park and played fetch! Fetch is my absolute favorite thing. My humans throw all of my best toys for me to go get and when I bring them back I get praised as though I just hand delivered a finely cooked steak to them. Life is good at the park, especially today since the little tan dog wasn’t there trying to mark everyone else’s territory. He’s always doing that! I mark a tree and seconds later he’s marking MY TREE! For such a small thing he really has no fear. In fact a lot of the other dogs seem scared of him.

I’ve had to learn to just let it roll and find another tree to mark, but I do always miss that first tree. Sometimes I shed silent tears on my own for my lost tree. What kind of world is this that a dog’s right to mark a tree is so often threatened? It is true madness. His humans are obviously afraid of him as well since they do not stop him from this horrid behavior.

At least my humans have their own private park behind our house. The trees in this park are ALL mine. Every last one. My humans seem to be quite pleased with me when I mark the trees in our private park. They often give me treats or play more rounds of fetch with me as rewards. Sometimes I prefer playing in my private park over the big park. I like a lot of the other dogs at the big park, but my private park is just that… mine. It’s where my humans and I can have free roam, do whatever we want and not have to share our spaces with others who try to mark up OUR trees as their own (AHEM… little tan dog I am watching you).

After playing in the big park and then spending time in our private park my humans let me lay on the couch with them! They even let me snuggle between their legs and the couch cushion, which normally they scold me for. Maybe they’ll let me sleep in the bed with them again tonight, but for now I’m happy to be here with them. Time with just our pack is what I love the most. Yes, life is good, and days like today make it great.