Border Collie


These herding dogs were originally known as Scotch Sheep Dogs due to their keen ability to help shepherds maintain large flocks of sheep. They later became known as Border Collies (BC) since they originated from the border country that rests between England and Scotland. Border Collies as we know them today have been around for 100 years, but their ancestry may date back even further in Scotland.

Breed Information:

Border Collies are often referred to as workaholics. The well-developed thought processes and intelligence of these dogs lends to their resourcefulness and likability factor. Whether it is sheep or children you need rounded up, a Border Collie will always seek to “herd” its “flock,” keeping them out of danger and in nice formation. Border Collies have superb instinct about both their surroundings and the other people and animals they come into contact with.

BCs are very energetic dogs and will require more daily exercise than simply a quick trip around the neighborhood or an hour in the yard. They are naturally outdoor dogs who love the fresh air and ample time run and play. They are at their best when they have a “job” to do, such as herding. Due to this innate tendency to herd Collies tend to do best with mature children who will take the direction and not “stray from the herd.”


Border Collies can be somewhat reserved around strangers, but will warm up when no threat is presented or apparent. They are high-energy dogs who need lots of exercise. Border Collies are the most calm and well-behaved when you give them “jobs” that make them feel as though they have a purpose in the “pack” (family).

Coats & Grooming:

Border Collies can have rough or smooth coats that come in a variety of colors like bi-color (usually black and white), tri-color, merle, sable and some solid colors like white, black or tan. BCs shed seasonally and their coats require regular brushing. They need their coats, paw pads and ears checked regularly for ticks, even if you use flea and tick prevention meds.


Male Border Collies tend to range between 30-45 pounds while Females tend to be in the 27-42 pound range.

Allergy Information & Life Span:

Border Collies can generally have allergic reactions to fleas, and some BCs possess a gene that makes them fatally allergic to certain drugs and medications. The only way to find out if your Border Collie has this gene is for your vet to conduct a DNA test for it. Border Collies are also prone to epilepsy, hip dysplasia, deafness and an eye anomaly called PRA. Border Collies live from 12-15 years.

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