Bret Michaels Comes to PetSmart

DSC_0005I have to admit that I’m not a big fan of celebrity meet & greets.  Because I do social media for an entertainment venue, I frequently have an opportunity to meet performers (mostly folk in the music business).  We typically have meet & greets for our guests and I’m the photographer to give people that ‘once in a lifetime experience’.  I like the photography part, but the meet & greet part I just don’t get.  Most of the celebrities clearly don’t want to be there, they are not very warm and they just want to get through it as quickly as possible.  So, when I received an invitation to attend the Bret Michaels meet & greet at Petsmart today, I really wasn’t too excited.  I hate to even admit that, but I wasn’t.  I like Bret Michaels and have followed him on The Apprentice and Rock of Love shows.  I also grew up listening to Poison, which was one of my favorite bands back in the day.  However, meeting a celebrity for 5 minutes for a photo op is just not my things.

Regardless of what I felt, I decided to go because it would give me content for this blog.  I arrived at 3:30p, as instructed, and was promptly greeted by a very friendly staff member named Megan.  She gave me a lay of the land and told me where I could stand to take the best pictures.  A little after 4p, Bret Michaels showed up.  From the start, Bret was friendly, engaging, warm and genuine.

Michaels greeted each person with a smile and was eager to engage in conversation, sign autographs and let them take a few pictures.  He even hugs a couple of people.  I am extremely glad I went and was able to see what a truly wonderful person he really.  It was like a breath of fresh air to see a celebrity that actually wanted to do a meet & greet with the fans.  People started lining up at 6a so some of them had waiting a very long time for the opportunity to meet Michaels. Some folks brought their dogs, but most people let their pet at home.  All of the 150 people had spent $10 on Bret’s new Pet Rock line of pet clothing.

If you are given the opportunity, I would highly recommend you attend a Bret Michaels meet & greet.

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