SpayNSave (SNS) is on track recognize their dream to open a low cost spay / neuter clinic in May or June 2012.  They are working with a non-profit organization out of Asheville, NC called Humane Alliance.  Humane Alliance’s mission is to mentor and train groups like SNS in opening high quality, high volume spay / neuter clinics.  They have assisted more than 90 successful s/n clinics in the past six years and have more in the works.  Lisa Reddy of SNS says ‘They’re an amazing organization and we’re very proud to have been accepted as a member of their National Spay / Neuter Response Team’.

The clinic will be located on Ronald Regan Parkway in Longwood and will be available to anyone, regardless of income or residency.  They hope to sterilize 8,000 – 10,000 animals a year.

Private donations, grants and fundraisers will fund the clinic.  IF you would like a make a donation, please go to their website. SpayNSave is a 501c3 non-profit so all donations are tax deductible.

They are having an event called Puppy Love, a wine tasting and bake sale at Cork & Olive in Lake Mary on February 11.

We have far too many animals in the Central Florida area so anything that can be done to reduce the pet overpopulation is welcomed.