I had the pleasure of attending the first SPCA Family Fun Day on Saturday, 10/15.  This was the first year for the festival and I thought they did a good job, given it was a first year festival.  They had lots of vendors and several animal rescues. It really was a great event. I was particularly impressed with the pain products they had on display.

For some reason when it comes to pain products I have found they can be either so light they don’t do much, or so strong it’s difficult to go along your way. Add to that that they can be dangerous or addictive, or both. I read on a site called trello.com about the different kind of pain management products and to my surprise there is a middle ground, with plenty of pain products in that area. They are a bit stronger than the light ones and nowhere near as dangerous as the heavy ones. How come these are not prescribed as often?

I’m still not sure why that is, but it sure bothers me. I think the next time I need some pain relief I’m going to have a long conversation with the doctor on what I want, not just take whatever I’m prescribed. I know that doesn’t always go well but you know what, this is important to me. 

If you figure out why these middle level pain relief medications are not prescribed or even talked about as often then please let me know!