I had the pleasure of attending the grand opening of Rocky’s Retreat on Saturday, 09/10.  When I first walked in, I thought I was walking into my own spa.  They have treatment rooms, just like my spa, and they also have a very nice indoor pool.  Their offerings include aqua therapy, massage, acupressure, reiki and

I met both Toby and Sherri, but spent the most amount of time with Sherri.  She told me how Rocky’s Retreat has been three years in the making.  Toby and Sherri met at a class in 2007 and quickly became friends.  In 2008, during another class, they realized they shared a common vision for a place like Rocky’s Retreat.   The problem was that Toby lived in New Jersey and Sherri lived in Orlando.  Sherri was able to convince Toby to move to Florida and they put their plan in motion.  It took about a year just to find the space and then it had to be built out.  The results of their hard work is a beautiful facility that any dog would love.